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Sally Van Swearingen

Sally Van Swearingen

Sally Van Swearingen

Working on set one day, I met the coolest girl named Chelsea, who looked at first glance like a "crew girl". She explained to me that she purposely toned down her looks because she works with guys and wants to be taken seriously.

After several days with her, I persuaded her to put on just a little blush, blow dry her hair and wear lip gloss. Watching the transformation of this girl – to see her smile and her new found confidence – it made me feel great. She called me her ”beauty guru!”

In 2009, we created The A LIST,  a petite beauty studio where women could experience the same thing Chelsea did.  They could walk in dressed comfortably and casual, and leave looking and feeling beautiful.

I've come to find over the years that not everyone wants to be a “super hottie”.   Some just want to polish themselves up and expose the best parts of their beauty.  We've strived to make all ladies feel welcome and be themselves. It’s a different concept here than in regular salons.

Once, after walking into a huge high end salon (and even me as a stylist) I felt very intimidated. If it weren't for the warmth of the receptionist I would have left!   I thought… Wow,  If I feel like this, then how are other women feeling?

But after it’s all said and done… whether she is looking to be fabulously done up or polished into the best version of herself,  my ultimate goal is this... that women can leave here and hear someone say “You really look good!” and she can say right back “I really DO, don’t I?”

I want to erase any negative image they have of themselves when they look in a mirror… If I've done this,  I feel like I've succeeded.

Come hang out with us at The A LIST @ Indo Salon and express yourself.

High end beauty, no attitude.
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